Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Ecology and Sustainability
These concepts are Eternit corporate philosophy.

We design our production processes so that energy usage and hazardous material production is kept as low as possible. Even in the composition of our products, we rely on natural raw materials that originate predominantly from the local region. Doing this also avoids unnecessary transportation.

With its extended durability, our products improve both the ecological as well as economic balance of every building shell. Fiber cement can be disposed of as construction waste or simply recycled. Even waste resulting from production is recycled to a large extent. Excess water from the production process is also biologically purified.

Thanks to the ongoing modernization of our production facilities, roughly 2,500 tons fewer raw materials are consumed each year in comparison with a few years ago. We were also able to reduce CO2 emissions by 2,100 tons per year.

Sustainability of the Eternit Products

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) form the data basis for ecological evaluation of buildings in accordance with DIN EN 15987 on the Sustainability of Building Construction and are important for the evaluation of the quality of buildings in relation to the environment and health. The declarations provide information about the use of energy and resources as well as the emission of hazardous materials in the production process and thereby delivers insight into the environmental consciousness of a company in the manufacture of their products.

The sustainability of Eternit products, such as corrugated sheets and Toscana roof sheets, roof slates and large-format or small- and medium-format facade panels can be clearly proven by the EPD’s.