Design and Idea Competition

Design and Idea Competition

Strong Women Create Strong Ideas

The students in the Technology & Design department for Industrial Arts at the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz proved what can be done with the Eternit building material as part of the Eternit Design and Idea Competition 2015/2016. The women were particularly convincing with their creative ideas.

USB sticks, planting pots, room dividers, tables and toys were among the ideas used by the young artists to prove their concepts. What made this special was the many ideas about what can be made using fiber cement that were not just drafted on paper, but rather implemented directly on the material by the students.

Marlene Freynschlag, Laura Neumüller (shared first place) and Kristine Seitz (third place) were the big winners of the competition. Oskar Wlaschitz received a meritorious recognition award.

The Design It Your/F lamp from Marlene Freynschlag

This lamp is guaranteed to be unique, because the owner can determine how it should appear. The product consists of several individual parts that can be combined like a puzzle, entirely according to the owner's desire.

Balkonit from Laura Neumüller

A fresh idea in a small space; anyone who doesn't have a garden but doesn't want to give up growing their own herbs will be excited about the Balkonit line of products. The pots have a variety of cross-sections and the pot holders will fit on any balcony railing.

Room Divider and Sun Protector from Kristine Seitz

These two items are not only practical, but also create a visual highlight. The room divider consists of individual elements that were milled out of Eternit slates. One or more walls can be created depending on the number of elements. By rotating the Sun Protector, the intensity of the light in the space can be modified as desired.

The Material for Small and Large Builders from Oskar Wlaschitz

Eternit patterned pieces became a building set. The individual pieces can be shaped like classic building blocks, creating fun for old and young alike.