Now, the facade options will really hit their stride

What is the result of taking a couple of creative architecture students and giving them the best material for implementing their ideas? A singular product for facades that has been stirring up the market since March 2016.

In the spring of 2015, Eternit began collaborating with students at the Vienna University of Technology on an entirely new product for facades. The project was intended to create something that had not yet existed, combined with the ideas, concepts and models of up-and-coming architects. Two of them, Eva Manhart and Philipp Ehfrank, were particularly conspicuous. Their idea was to create a concrete material with a low weight and a flowing motion. The objective was to create a product for facades that would drape itself softly on the wall in lightly lustrous waves like an elegant fabric.

In June of 2015, the first prototype had been completed. Lumitex, as the new facade would be called, was born.

Exceptional things quickly gather attention. This was no different in the case of Lumitex and Spar AG quickly declared their interest. The major company asked, "When can the slates be delivered to our new market in Alland?" In the meantime, the supermarket had opened and two additional projects had entered the planning stage. Lumitex's success story had just begun.