Eternit. An Ideal Construction Material

Eternit: Naturally Long-lived and Beautiful

The natural raw materials for Eternit originate predominantly from the local region, which reduces the transportation distance. Through their composition, the regenerative raw materials ensure the exemplary long life and endurance of the products. After decades, the material can be disposed of as construction waste without any hesitation or simply re-used.


An Ideal RoofEternit: the Roof that can do more

The roof is the completion of a building's architecture, which can be seen from far away. It is an indispensable style element for planning. In addition to providing perfect protection and safety, the innovative roofing systems from Eternit provide a wealth of physical construction advantages that can provably contribute to the reduction of heating expenses. Thanks to its low weight, the Eternit roofing system is ideal for new constructions and renovation projects.


An Ideal Facade Eternit: Perfect Protection and Pure Aesthetics

Regardless of the size, the nearly limitless variety for colors with a wide choice of textures gives you a free hand in creatively designing your facade. In addition to the aesthetic added value, an Eternit facade will also ensure perfect protection against the effects of weather, ideal thermal insulation and more. It is the ideal facade solution for new constructions and remodeling projects.