Corrugates sheets
Corrugates sheets

Traditional shapes with a modern interpretation

The traditionally wavy Eternit roof slates are counted among the most popular roof slates due to the unimaginable quantity of aesthetics and functional advantages. The large-format elements are persuasive with, among other things, their low weight, decades long resistance to weather and an especially comfortable interior climate, even in summer. Corrugated sheets are also available with the new Cool Roof coating option. It will hinder the development of warmth on the back of the corrugated sheet up to twenty-two degrees Celsius. The options for various lengths and formats guarantee maximum room for design, with various lengths and four attractive colors.

In use for more than 100 years.
Quickly placed
The large formats speeds up the work.
Light, strong and secure
Corrugated sheets provide an enormous advantage with their low weight for lightweight roof structures. The dual-screw fastening system for each individual shingle guarantees the highest level of security against storms.
Beautiful to look at
Classic corrugated sheets provide the highest level of functionality and aesthetics.
Robust, durable and frost resistant
The dual surface coating system forms the basis for decades long resistance to weather and aesthetics, because it causes rain to drip off in the shape of drops.
Noise retarding and free from disruptions
Perfect sound insulation without a drumming effect when it rains, does not hold an electrostatic charge and does not disrupt the cell phone network.
Porous roof slates open for "breathing" and diffusion
The rear of the roof slates will breathe and diffuse, which creates an enormously positive environment for the interior of the building.
Will not burn or melt
Fiber cement will not burn or melt and does not generate hazardous fumes in a fire (fire protection class A2-s1, d0).
Large assortment of mouldings and accessories from one shop.
Individual and Flexible
They can be used even when the roof angle is seven degrees and are available in various lengths, shapes and four trendy colors, which provide room to be creative in the planning and design.
Natural and Ecological
The environmental product declaration issued by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (institute for building and environment) confirms the environmental soundness and sustainability of our construction material.
Simple disposal
Eternit corrugated sheets can simply be disposed of as "solid mineral waste" under the construction waste category without any complications.
Eternit provides a thirty-year guarantee on the corrugated sheets in accordance with the Eternit guarantee certificate.
  • M residence
  • Neumarkt kindergarten
  • The small black house
  • J residence

P6 Corrugated sheets

The innovative roofing solution with a classic wavy shape: available in six lengths, these high-quality fiber cement corrugated sheets unite the proverbial Eternit quality characteristics with aesthetics and function to perfection.

  • Red
  • Chalet-brown
  • Dark gray
  • Natural gray
  • Cool-Roof
Area of Application
Flat roofs from

P9 Corrugated sheets

The perfect wave for every roof shape is provided by the P9 corrugated sheets which is very persuasive thanks to its level of economy as well as the gentle, visually compelling profile providing a rich variation usable in residential and utility buildings.

  • Dark gray
Area of Application
Flat roofs from

Rustica short-wave corrugated sheets

The practical short-wave Rustica shingles make any roof timelessly beautiful with quick, simple placement. They also distinguish themselves with their extreme weather resistance and high endurance.

  • Dark gray
  • Chalet-brown
Area of Application
Flat roofs from 10°

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